The Sheikh of Alamut returns

After years of retirement in my mountain fortress I, the Sheikh of Alamut, whom the world thought dead but who is eternal, have decided to venture forth into this, the new realm of the internet, to do battle for honour and power once more. Retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. To be honest I was getting a bit bored. And it has not escaped my notice that there are so many lovely new weapons available now, and so many new fools who deserve them.

I am here because the world needs me.  Politics has degenerated into a game played by jokers in a joke system called democracy, fighting joke wars where they joke about winning, and making joke tweaks to a joke system propagating joke ideals through a joke media. The joke is beginning to drag.

The only jokers I want to see are in my court. The rest must be cleared away to make space for politics without the politicians, and the creation of power without joker intermediaries.

It is no small task, but the Sheikh of Alamut would not descend from his mountain fastness for anything less. I live for the battle and for the kill, and I am everywhere. If you are a joker I will see you, perhaps in civility and health, or perhaps through the sights of a crossbow.

It is your choice.


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